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Small full work center, enables a single operator to carry out the cutting, splitting and loading of firewood. All this happens in the more high security and with a limited expenditure of physical energy. The disc with reversible carbide-tipped gives continuity and regularity to cut favoring absolutely outstanding productions. The log splitter allows me to better dissect the cut material and tape allows the load limiting the operator's movements. The carpet is made of PVC with easily replaceable multiple joints. Structure solid and Italian components make up the rest, and allow you to have a complete machine at a very attractive price.

Types of drive
PTO, electric motor or combustion engine

Specifications - Technical data
diameter width power engine dimensions weight
SC600 60 cm 25 cm 10 hp 2,2 Kw L92,5 H129 W107,5 180
SC700 70 cm 30 cm 10 hp 2,2 Kw L92,5 H129 W107,5 190
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